Burning Materials Redux v1.2


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Burning Materials Redux v1.2

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 4th January 2024, 12:30 AM
  • Last Updated 4th January 2024, 12:30 AM
  • Category Team Fortress 2
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By Skeleton Hotel
-Texture editing, VMT editing, etc.

This mod overhauls various textures and material files used by common burning/fire effects, the intent being to “improve” overall visual quality while still fitting TF2’s illustrative art style.

Overview of Features
New burning player $detail texture, created by upscaling the original to 4x its base resolution using waifu2x, plus some other modifications.

Also includes edits to each class’ (including their MvM bot counterparts) player model .VMTs to further “improve” the look of the effect. E.g., the texture now uses a different $detailblendmode value, helping it look more like fire and less like writhing ketchup and mustard stains. Also, a new material proxy makes the texture gradually scroll across the player models, rather than remain stationary.
New to v1.1: Optional team-colored burning player textures! Consider using these if the standard version makes it harder to distinguish burning teammates from enemies.

New first-person burning overlay that uses higher resolution textures and animates at a smoother framerate (60 FPS, instead of the original 40 FPS).

[Optional] Modified flame sprite textures with smoother color gradients and less grainy detail (achieved via waifu2x noise removal and other edits). This gives the sprites a somewhat more “painterly” look.

[Optional] A version that combines both this mod and my SFM-like Phong and Normal Maps mod together, allowing for compatibility between the two.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t use this combined version, these two mods will NOT work together!

[Optional] An extra VPK that provides better compatibility with newguy111’s SFM Player Models.

[Optional; New to v1.2] An extra VPK that provides better compatibility with Huey's High Poly Non-HWM Playermodels.

Potential Compatibility Issues
As stated above, this mod replaces not only various fire-related texture files (.VTFs) but also the .VMTs for every class' player model materials, MVM bot materials, and the first-person burning overlay.

Thus, this mod will have compatibility issues with any other mod that also replaces such files. This includes some player texture packs, such as TF2TIP, and (the original, non-compatible version of) my own SFM-like Phong and Normal Maps mod.

A full installation guide is included in the download’s README.txt. In short: paste the VPKs of your choice into your “custom” folder in your TF2 directory.

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