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Draco Breed


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Draco Breed

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 7th August 2019, 08:16 PM
  • Last Updated 7th August 2019, 09:12 PM
  • Category Breedz
  • Total Downloads 3



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This is the Catz 5 breed file for the Draco.
The Draco does not breathe fire -- it is a "stokeless"
Greater Crested Dragon :-)

They also don't fly in the game, although of course they
have sturdy wings and can levitate occasionally.

Put the in your Resource\Catz directory. Also
to look right the breed needs its "skin". So you will
need to create the subdirectory:
and place all the .bmp files in there.

The Dracoz will then show up in your Adoption Centre
the next time you go there.

If you want them to talk "Dragon" to you even as babies,
then make sure you have downloaded the sound files also
(available from the site whence you downloaded this file),
Put all the .wav files and drsn.txt (which should be in the
zipfile which contains this breedfile) in the "dr"
subdirectory which you have created.


NOTE: If you are importing Dracoz from a previous version
of the game, you will be able to do so using this breedfile.
However, Petz 5 does not keep its bitmaps for all breedz
in quite the same place as in those earlier games. This
means that your pet will import but will have lost its
skin markings. The only way to fix this is to edit the
pet itself; I've made this as simple as possible, but
make sure that you make a copy of your pet somewhere
safe first!! I've made it so that you don't need to
bother about the checksum, but unless someone makes a
program to edit petfiles you will need to copy and paste
some text.

Okay, this is what you must do:

Open your pet into a hex editor, or get a friend who
knows how to use a hex editor to do so for you.
Now find the first instance of the words Texture List

Below that are these lines of text:


Now open this readme into the hex editor also.
For each line of text that you see above, paste
the equivalent line of text that you see below here:


So for instance, you replace
Save. You only need to do this once. Your pet should now
come out looking as it always did, provided that you put
the bmp files in that directory called dr.


Carolyn Horn

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