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[AMXX] HackDetector Lite

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  • Author RoboCop
  • Uploaded 18th March 2020, 06:39 PM
  • Last Updated 18th March 2020, 06:41 PM
  • Category Anti-Cheat addons
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Posted by: Lev
Version: 0.15.328.lite


  • A module and plugin for detecting and blocking speedhacks and slowmotion detections.
    I must say right away that false detections are rare. Players with a ping for 200-300 and a big jitter. But such players, in theory, have no place on the server, i.e. visually it is very noticeable and it is inconvenient to play with them.
    So, given the blocking of the speedhack, it makes no sense to put a very large punishment.
    Operation is guaranteed under 5758/5787/6027/6132/6153 / ReHLDS (> = Linux / Windows.
    The plugin logs are saved in the amxmodx \ logs folder.


  • hd_admin_notify 2 // notification of administrators about the speedhack detection (at 1 and above) and the slow-motion (at 2 and above) of the player
    hd_sh_punish "kick [userid] '[reason]'; addip 60.0 [ip]" // punishment command for speed hack, available tags see below
    hd_sm_punish "kick [userid] '[reason]'" // command punishment for slow-moving, available tags see below
    hd_sh_reason "Speed ​​hack detected" // reason used for the bath for speed hack
    hd_sm_reason "Slow motion detected" // reason used when bathing for slow-motion
    Tags for punishment teams:
    • '- apostrophe, replaced with a double quote "
      [userid] - replaced with User ID, type # 12345
      [authid] - replaced with SteamID
      [name] - is replaced with the player’s nickname
      [ip] - is replaced with the player's IP
      [reason] - replaced with the ban reason


  • Place hackdetector_amxx_i386.dll (hackdetector_amxx_i386.so for Linux) in the amxmodx / modules folder.
    Place hackdetector.amxx in the amxmodx / plugins folder.
    Add the line hackdetector.amxx to the file amxmodx / config / plugins.ini.
    Installation options without using a plug-in are also possible, in this case no penalties will be made and only the speedhack will remain blocked:
    • installation as a regular metamod plugin
      installation as a module for AMXX with writing it to the file amxmodx / config / modules.ini

Version History:

  • 0.12.lite [2014.03.29]
    • First release.

    0.13.188.lite [2014.05.23]

    • Added Linux version of the module.

    0.13.192.lite [2014.05.24]

    • Engine detection fixed at early loading via modules.ini or metamod (thanks to serj).

    0.13.192.lite [2014.05.26]

    • The archive containing the old version for Linux has been fixed (thanks to serj).

    0.13.202.lite [2014.06.13]

    • Fixed work under 5787 Linux server.

    0.15.222.lite [2014.11.20]

    • The speedhack detection has been redone (the error of small detections by the average value has been removed).
      Added slowmotion detection.
      Disabled checking FROZEN players.
      Reduced the value of the allowable excess of time immediately after connecting the player.
      Added kvara hd_sm_punish, hd_sh_reason and hd_sm_reason.

    0.15.309.lite [2016.03.04]

    • Fixed transfer of Float parameters to forwards (forward).
      Fixed crash when there is a space in the path to the server on Linux.
      Added support for ReHLDS (build 692 and higher).

    0.15.325.lite [2016.12.12]

    • ReHLDS support with API version 3.x (build and higher).

    0.15.328.lite [2016.12.17]

    • Fixed detection of sv address for 6153 build under Windows.

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