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UZ Creation Organizer v1.03

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UZ Creation Organizer v1.03 (2019) by GreenTea
Contact: [email protected]

This is for Windows. For the Linux script, go to Barbie's thread: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=13692

This is a simple batch script tool to make handling multiple files or unstructured directories easier if you want to make server-side files (UZ).

The tool was made for 2 things:
1. Sort the needed files for server-side usage from messy directory structures (usually by extracting multiple .zip files with mutators/maps at once).
2. To make .UZ files from them all at once.

In both cases, after the process, the files will be organized into two seperate folders; 'Filtered_results' and 'UZ'.

How to use:
Extract the zip in the root of your UT folder.
For example: D:\UT99\UZ Creation Organizer

Place extracted map packs/mods/mutators in the /- CONTAINER UT FILES [DO_NOT_DELETE]/ folder.
and execute 'UZ batchscript.bat'

The script will take care of the most important files (.U, .UNR, .UMX, .UTX, etc.) inside '- CONTAINER UT FILES [DO_NOT_DELETE]', regardless of directory structure.
This means that even if you put loose files in maps other than Maps/Music/Sounds/System/Textures, or even the root, the output will sort those in their respective folders.
Just put your files/folders in the CONTAINER folder and run the script to save yourself the time of sorting.

Final notes:
I made this for personal use, but if you're like me, it gets annoying after a while to have to perform multiple search queries to take out the right files.
Originally it consisted of two separate scripts but decided to merge them together for ease of use. I had fun making this since batch script tools can be super handy.

- GreenTea ([email protected])


- Fixed a typo in standard files list.
- Improved and tidied up some scripting.
- Removed redundant checkup scripts.
- Added extra notifications to highlight current process.
- Filtered_results will always have structured directory, and will always be processed even if CONTAINER is empty.
- Added extra prompts.
- Added more error checking.
- Edited the description.

- Option to skip default files added.

- Filtered_results (.u,.umx,.uax,.utx,.unr) now gets organized first before proceeding with UZ compression.
If you only want to organize, you may close the window after you see the "Unreal files copied to Filtered_results." message.

- When a filetype is not present, its respective folder will not be created.

- Cleaned a bit of scripting.

- Tool now tells you when a file type is not present and will attempt to continue.

- Collected files in the 'Filtered_results' folder are placed in their respective folders (Maps,Music,Sounds,System,Textures)

- Initial release

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